Accessing overseas skilled talent will be critical to stimulating our economy in the coming months

From population growth, education and labour participation to our national skills base, the impact of migration can be felt across every aspect of our economy. Innovation and productivity is synonymous with skilled labour, but with borders closed and travel restrictions in place there is a need for a new methodology to regenerate business.

A new approach
Alternative employment solutions are allowing businesses to engage with international talent and still meet market demands. With remote working now part of the new normal, skilled workers are being sourced and onboarded to work from where they’re based. This flipped approach allows businesses to determine their investment in talent before pursuing the immigration path – if it’s even needed. Businesses are realising the cost-saving opportunities of not having traditional employees in-country and onpassing all liabilities to an employer of record.

Outsource your employment
An employer of record allows you to hire employees compliantly and easily in new markets within days, without setting up your own foreign entity, as the employer of record is already registered in the location in which they operate. Effectively, this means you pass on all employment risk and payroll of your overseas workforce including any disputes that arise from employment contracts. You still, however, own the day-to-day management of your sourced skilled talent; they’ll just work for your business direct from their own country.

While this employment solution is one that will, no doubt, grow with demand for much-needed skills shortages in today’s restricted landscape, it has long been popular for those businesses wanting to expand rapidly or test the waters in global markets.

To obtain in-country employment licences is a costly exercise and the use of third parties by staffing brokers with limited global reach is quite standard these days. Dealing direct with the actual licensed staffing body when you can will help keep associated costs down.

Using technology to facilitate the journey
Any good staffing solution today is more than just the headcount. Technology will be one of the drivers of maintaining compliance of your remote workforce while at the same time streamlining workflows and creating efficiencies within global teams.

Ensuring your entire workforce go through the same onboarding process and receive the same welcome, albeit with local variations, is also important for building a global business. It reinforces they’re part of the same team and workforce culture irrespective of their location. Consider your skilled worker’s end-to-end journey, no matter where they’re geographically located, and you’ll set them and your business up for long-term success.

Access skilled talent with agility with EPG
Now’s the time for businesses to assess and reshape their workforce structures. EPG bring in-country knowledge to architect permanent and contingent staffing solutions, with licences to staff direct in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Ireland. Our employment solutions are driven by multi-jurisdictional HCM technology that delivers one united user experience globally. We also offer in-house migration expertise for when borders do open. Contact us to discuss your staffing options today.

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