Effective onboarding for today’s remote workforces

Recruiting the best talent sometimes requires sourcing and staffing internationally. This brings with it a need for a more considered approach to your onboarding.

EPG’s Chief Operations Officer EMEA Jason Cordery shares his thoughts on what should come into play for a truly great onboarding experience for a global workforce.

“One big noticeable change over the past 20 years of industry experience is that now, more than ever, user experience is everything.”

A great onboarding experience is critical to engaging a workforce from the outset, yet consistency and compliance often get lost in transit when clients start expanding into international markets.

Let me clarify what onboarding includes. It’s your worker’s first engagement with the company, the offer letter or questions around that offer; videos of compliance matters like health and safety or the signing of non-disclosure agreements; guidance around your organisation’s culture, values and philosophies – it’s this whole experience. It’s also understanding the ongoing engagement between the worker and their employer.


Ensuring your entire workforce go through the same process, receive the same introduction and the same welcome, no matter where they are geographically, is everything for a global business. This is particularly important if your workforce is working remotely or where you may be pulling talent in from countries where you wouldn’t usually operate. It goes a long way in securing talent and reinforcing that they’re part of the same team and the same workforce culture irrespective of their location, albeit with local variations.

Ensuring this consistent end-to-end experience across various HR management or MSP touchpoints is difficult to deliver and often overlooked; each touchpoint should feel like part of the same experience instead of disjointed and unrelated. Centralised HR processes can facilitate this, but the tech needs to also be there to support it.

Additionally, effective onboarding should consider different workforce types. There are many systems out there that deal with either the contingent and permanent workforces, but very few that cover both populations across global locations.


Businesses need to know they are providing a globally compliant onboarding process on a country-by-country basis. Again, in today’s work world, this applies not just to permanent members of staff but also those engaged in the contingent worker space. Background checks, rights-to-work, non-disclosure agreements… Compliance requirements will vary based upon each jurisdiction, but the real difference between a good onboarding experience and a great one is onboarding that gives visibility to this compliance.

The fact our EPG clients can have a workforce in multiple global locations and know each one of them has been through the same experience to meet in-country compliance is not only reassuring, but necessary. Visibility is everything and good tech should enable this, as well bring you ongoing peace of mind that your business is protected. Our HCM technology’s intelligent advisory functionality pushes any required employment compliance updates into its HR engagement types in supported jurisdictions.

Cultural consideration

Great HR leaders, irrespective of where their workers are being onboarded around the world, know the value of their workforce having a culture- or region-specific onboarding experience. This is as simple as changing language appropriately and staying in line with country nuances. It ensures everyone has the same strong start and highlights a level of depth and understanding around local practices. There are very few platforms that allow you to tailor your onboarding to make it unique to each country. We tailor our onboarding experience to meet compliance but also best-practice in that region and this extra step makes all the difference to the user.

In short

Truly effective and tailored onboarding provides your global workforce with a perfect mirror: that all-important visibility of your organisation’s compliance and values, along with assurance that your workers have been given the best start possible. Avoid being an auto-playing trailer in the onboarding experience and you’ll set your workforce on the path to becoming true advocates of your business.

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